About Tally Wags

My motivation to starting this dog training business was to stop the number of dogs being rehomed, taken to shelters, abandoned or put down due to behavioural issues. I worked at the RSPCA as Personal Assistant to the CEO and have seen many cases where animals were given up for adoption due to lack of training alone. I have a great deal of passion and love for animals and am a huge advocate of cruelty to animals.

I have a great understanding of dogs which I believe is as a result of both experience and also instinct. Dogs to me are more than just that. They are family members, they are an extension of ourselves.

In setting up my page I just had to include photos of my first dog I ever trained, Kim. I got her at age 8. By the time I was 12 I was trialling her in obedience, agility and fly ball competitively. I gained her CD (Companion Dog) title for obedience at age 10, CDX (Companion Dog Excellence) title for obedience by 13. I was by far the youngest competitor at trials and I often wasn’t taken seriously until people actually saw us work together. We made a fantastic team.

I travelled to Perth, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney to compete in the Nationals each year. We won the Nationals in Perth when I was just 15 years old ranking her in the top 4 agility dogs of that year!

I won best Junior Handler, the Gumboot trophy as well as winning many trials around Canberra such as Wagga, Bowral, Goulburn and Sydney. Kim was my best friend and taught me so much about training dogs. She specialised in dog tricks. I taught her to flip a dog biscuit off her nose and catch it while begging, jump through my arms, run through my legs, spin, shake, roll over, speak on command, jump into my arms, play dead, she could balance anything on her nose. She was a superstar and I miss her dearly.


My love for animals doesn’t stop at just dogs I have a love affair for horses and own a gorgeous Australian Stock horse mare named Faith and 2 cats Bell and Chloe. I have taught my cat to do some tricks such as sit, high five and shake hands. I also save cats from death row at the high kill shelters in Sydney. I foster them get them desexed, microchipped vaccinated then find them forever homes.


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